Q&A: Selling on Amazon, Product Searchability, Improving Sales and More with Velocity Sellers

We recently spoke with a one stop shop Amazon Seller Marketing Services provider, Velocity Sellers. They help online sellers build their online Amazon business through providing a range of services from; search engine optimization (SEO), account management, inventory management, Amazon consulting for listings through Buy Box, product pricing strategies, sourcing, branding, pay per click advertising marketing and more. Check out our interview below.

How did Velocity Sellers start?

We started as father and son partnership that has grown to over a team of 20 Amazon experts, including ex-Amazonians. I have been in online marketing for 25 years and Jake is obsessed with technology and how to use it to grow businesses. He left his career in video advertising in LA and came back to New York to start this agency because we both wanted to make a big impact.

With experience in SEO, email marketing, website building and other traditional digital marketing, the most fun and success we have had was with our own Amazon store. We quickly discovered that many Amazon sellers needed help. Amazon is fiercely competitive but offers a significant opportunity for real success. We committed ourselves to learning everything essential to Amazon and our vision of helping businesses and entrepreneurs grow is being realized.

What services does Velocity Sellers offer to Amazon Sellers?

Velocity Sellers offers the absolute full service solution. We treat our clients as partners and we are truly invested in their growth. This involves managing all aspects of the business such as content, Amazon SEO, paid advertising, customer support, branding, growth strategies, photography, profit maximization, FBA shipment creation, inventory projection, third party seller management, review campaigns, and solving the unique issues that come up with both sellers and vendors that often involves communicating with Amazon.

Our goal is to use our experience and knowledge to handle all the cumbersome aspects of Amazon so that our clients can focus on their products and their business.

What makes you different from other services?

We offer full service. We aren’t selling tutorials or how-to videos or even consulting. We are hands-on and focused on the bottom-line profits of our clients. That being said, we are flexible with the needs of our clients and sometimes that can mean just writing content or running ads.

What’s your biggest success story?

Although we have had great success growing million+ dollars business, we are proud of a client we have recently taken on in the outdoor recreation industry. Within three months, we tripled their sales by creating a roadmap with them, optimizing their listings, moving them to FBA from Merchant Fulfilled and developing extensive ad campaigns. They are projected to do a million dollars in sales this year.

What does it cost to work with Velocity Sellers?

I have to say, every deal is a little different. We work from the end first, discussing the goals of the seller or vendor. Fees have ranged from $1,500 and more a month to a strict performance-based model. If there is room for growth, we’re gonna make something happen.

What is the biggest challenge you see Amazon Sellers facing as they’re trying to grow their business?

The biggest challenge is having your product show up high on the search results amongst fierce competition, especially in the US marketplace. Another big challenge is dealing with unauthorized 3rd-party sellers and price erosion.

Why is product optimization important as an Amazon Seller?

There are two main things that are important for an Amazon listing optimization: searchability and conversions. The majority of Amazon shoppers only use the search functionality and 90% of searchers do not go past the first page. That is why it is crucial that your products are optimized for as many relevant keywords as possible. If shoppers can’t find your products, they won’t be able to buy them.

…And when they do find you, are they the right customer for your product? Using the correct keywords in your listing will bring in the right customers and increase your “conversion rate” which is important for your search ranking. A good listing will match you with your ideal customer.

Many Amazon Sellers are afraid to start spending on Amazon advertising. Why do you think they’re apprehensive? Why is advertising so important?

Advertising is the probably the most important tool in your Amazon toolbox for driving sales and increasing product ranking, especially for new or underperforming items… but it is understandable why sellers would be hesitant. Other search advertising platforms such as Google are much more costly and conversion rates are generally much lower. With Amazon, shoppers are coming with one specific purpose- to shop. And they do… Amazon ads are very effective and efficient in driving sales and growing the organic ranking of your products.

Once you get a good advertising campaign running, it becomes a sales-generating machine.

For brands not yet selling on Amazon, why is selling on Amazon so important?

Amazon is the biggest marketplace in the US and growing in Europe, Canada, Mexico, and Japan.

Consumers come to Amazon to buy, and it gives a lot of exposure. It is the most cost efficient way to sell your product given the built-in market and if you are not going to do it, your competitors will.

What is one simple thing that a Seller can do today to improve their sales?

I can list 10 tips easily but I will say paying attention to customer reviews and communicating with unhappy buyers and addressing their issues so that you get those negative reviews turning into positive ones.

Can I stick in another one? Make sure your photos are professional and represent your products well. If they do not, change them.

And one more (I can’t resist.) Your titles. So simple but so overlooked. Besides your photos, it’s the only thing that customers see before they click. You have 3 seconds to convey your product’s value to them. Make your titles clear and accurate. Not to mention the title is the most important place for SEO optimization. You have 105 characters, make use of them.

We had the opportunity to meet the other day, why do you think Payability has been so popular with Amazon Sellers?

Because Amazon is built for momentum and “sales velocity”. If cash flow will help you sell more by running ads and optimizing your listings for organic search your business can grow exponentially. If you sell more on Amazon, you will then build your “Best Sellers Rank” which in turn give you more visibility when consumers are searching for a product. It helps solve the quandary many sellers have, ”How can I grow my sales faster with limited funds?

Payability solves the cash flow issues so Amazon sellers can grow business faster without having to wait weeks to get their invoices paid to replenish inventory.

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Alison Sperling
Alison is the Director of Marketing at Payability. She has 10+ years of experience in marketing helping small businesses and startups find new tools to grow their business. Prior to Payability, Alison started the marketing team at Stack Overflow. Alison completed an MBA with a concentration in Finance from Syracuse University in 2011. She volunteers with several cat rescue organizations.

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