Payability Security Center

We at Payability make it a priority to protect your account information and privacy. We’ve implemented numerous policies, services and features to help keep your account secure. Below are just some of those important security measures.


Requiring Browsers that Support Encryption

As the first step, we require you to use a secure browser to access your account information. Microsoft Internet Explorer, Apple Safari, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome are all browsers that support encryption.

Unique Email Address and Password

To create a Payability account, you must use a unique email address that has not previously been submitted to Payability before and also create a password which adheres to a secure format. To access your Payability account, you must enter this unique email and password combination. 

Multi-factor Authentication

Payability uses multi-factor authentication to help us authenticate that you are the one logging into your account. This is an additional layer of security beyond your email and password to help prevent unauthorized access of your account. 


Firewalls and monitoring systems are used to help prevent unauthorized Internet traffic from accessing Payability’s systems and proprietary networks.

Encrypted Network

Payability uses an encrypted network to transport data internally between our systems. This encryption ensures that your data is secure at each step.

Extended Validation SSL Certificate

EV SSL certificates are granted by a third-party Certificate Authority. The Certificate Authority performs a strict identity verification of the business requesting a certificate. These certificates are recognized by popular internet browsers like Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer and Firefox. The browsers then indicate to the website visitor that the site has passed an identity verification and is considered safe to visit. 

By seeing the padlock icon in the browser address bar, you can feel secured that you are connected to the real Payability website. Each browser displays the padlock icon slightly differently, but all browsers supported by the Payability website will display EV SSL.

If you connect to the Payability website, but do not observe the padlock icon, green shading or the certificate details, please call us immediately for more information or assistance: 646-480-9965 

Reporting a Security Incident

To report a security incident, please email or call 646-480-9965 as soon as possible with details of the incident so we may investigate.