Partner Program

Financing isn't the only tool to help sellers grow their business. The ecommerce ecosystem is filled with top notch tools, software and services that help online sellers automate tasks, get more insight into their businesses and grow fast. We've partnered with top companies in the space to provide content, education and special deals to customers.

Become a Payability referral partner and help marketplace sellers grow

Marketplace sellers using Payability grow 2.5x faster!

In-Demand Service

The demand for Payability’s Instant Access product has been off the charts! Amazon Sellers need access to capital to grow their business, and Payability’s daily payments provide a scalable affordable solution for Sellers.

Easy Analytics

Track your performance via clicks, conversions and more with the Payability Partner dashboard!

Generous Commission

We offer a generous uncomplicated commission for referrals that become customers for at least 30 days.

Sign Up Today and Start Earning Commission For Referring Your Network!

Referring your network to Payability is a Win-Win! Your contacts get the capital they need to grow their business (on average 2.5x faster!) and you get commission for your referral.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible to participate in Payability’s Referral Program?

Anyone who works with ecommerce or Amazon Sellers. If you’re a solution provider, consultant, podcaster, blogger, or an Amazon Seller yourself, you’d be a perfect fit.

Which referrals are qualified for a commission?

A referral that is tracked via your unique link must be active for 30 days to be qualified for a commission.

What are the terms and conditions?

Please review the Payability Referral Terms for the full scoop.

How does Payability’s Referral Program work?

After you sign-up to be an affiliate we’ll provide you with a unique link to use to promote Payability to your audience. Using Tapfiliate, we track referrals through this unique link and a 60 day cookie.

How and when are commissions paid?

Commissions are paid once per month on referrals that qualified in the prior month. Commissions are paid via Wire directly to your bank account.

Looking for a more integrated partnership?

Contact to learn how we can do even more together.