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COVID-19: A Letter from the CEO

In breakneck speed, you as eCommerce sellers have become the lifeblood of supply to America. The work you will do in the coming weeks and months will feed, clothe, comfort and clean Americans across this great nation – and we stand by to partner with you and provide you with the capital you need to fulfill that mission.

Where to Sell Your Unsold Inventory

No matter what size, niches or stage your eCommerce business is in or what channels you sell on, chances are, you have unsold or seemingly unsellable inventory that you’d like to get off your hands. Due to the rising costs of warehousing, FBA fees and storage, it often doesn’t make sense to hold on to unsold inventory for long.

The eCommerce Seller’s Guide to SMB Financing

SMB financing isn’t as black and white as people often make it out to be. While banks may charge low rates with long payback terms, few small businesses selling online actually qualify for them. While you may get a lower rate by putting up your house collateral and/or signing a personal guarantee, you also take on most of the risk.

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