The fastest way for professional sellers to access their marketplace sales

The Payability Seller Card lets you spend your marketplace payout faster than ever while giving you up to 2% cashback on all purchases.


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Friction-free financing in your wallet

With Payability Instant Access, your daily payout is made immediately available to spend on the Payability Seller Card – and earn cashback! Payability Instant Advance gives you a lump sum of growth capital – which you can also spend on the Payability Seller Card – and earn cashback!

Up to 2% cashback on all purchases

Whether you’re spending on inventory, business supplies or advertising, you’ll earn cashback on all purchases made on the Payability Seller Card.

Up to 20% cashback on seller tools

Payability partnered with some of the best seller tools in the industry to offer additional cashback when you sign up and pay with the Payability Seller Card.

More ways to spend your balance

No more waiting for bank transfers. Spend your marketplace payout on your card as soon as it's made available by Payability, even on holidays and weekends.

A real card in your wallet

Use the Payability Seller Card online and in person - anywhere Visa is accepted.

Fast approval process, no credit checks

Unlike complicated credit card applications, with Payability you can get your Seller Card and start spending your marketplace payout in minutes.

The first card made exclusively for marketplace sellers

Finally, a card that moves at the speed of your eCommerce business.

See how the Seller Card works

Get started with Payability

Sign up for a Payability account in less than 10 minutes, then access your marketplace earnings as soon as tomorrow.

Connect your eCommerce marketplaces

Connect Payability to your marketplace seller accounts so our team can review your account health and sales history.

Access your funds

Once approved, you’ll be able to access funds same day. Transfer to your bank account or spend on the Payability Seller Card.


Earn additional cash back

We’ve partnered with some of the top eCommerce tools to get you exclusive cash back bonuses on your first month* when you sign up and pay with the Payability Seller Card.

10% cashback

SellerApp is the leading all-in-one suite of solutions for amazon sellers of all sizes. The smart dashboard enables sellers to track, analyze and optimize portfolio listings and more.

15% cashback

Navigate rapidly changing rates and rules with advanced tax software that integrates with your existing business applications.

20% cashback

Kibly is a software designed to help Amazon sellers automate customer engagement and make personal connections with customers.

20% cashback

Ecomdash serves eCommerce businesses seeking an order & inventory management system to help reduce data entry and expand to more channels.

20% cashback

AMZShark is a multifaceted web app that lets sellers conduct in-depth research analysis on many aspects of Amazon’s Marketplace. It can help you discover the most-searched keywords.

20% cashback

FeedbackWhiz offers a robust suite of tools for Amazon sellers to monitor feedback and product reviews, automate effective email engagement with buyers, and analyze performance.

20% cashback

Sellercare has over 18 years of experience in solving Amazon seller suspensions. as well as a leading track record in getting Amazon seller accounts reinstated.

20% cashback

ZonGuru is an all-in-one Amazon Seller Toolkit to help you grow at each phase of your Amazon business. From research to launch, to optimization and customer relations.

20% cashback

Shopkeeper is a business dashboard that calculates profit with a breakdown of Amazon fees, sponsored ads costs, storage fees, sales tax and more.

20% cashback

AMZFinder assists you in automatically sending feedback and review request emails to increase store ratings and positive reviews.


Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Payability
Seller Card work?

Similar to a debit card, the Payability Seller Card is linked directly to your advanced daily earnings. This means that you can spend your funds on the Payability Seller Card as soon as your daily earnings are added to your Payability Available Balance.

Why should I use the Payability Seller Card?

Earn up to 2% cash back on all purchases made on the Payability Seller Card. You can make purchases with the Payability Seller Card as soon as your Payability balance is updated - nights, weekends, and even holidays - without transfers. Did we mention up to 2% cash back on all purchases?

Where can I use the Payability
Seller Card?

You can use the Payability Seller Card anywhere Visa is accepted - in person and online.

When will I receive my card?

After your account is live with Payability, your card is activated. You can spend your advanced earnings online right away. You'll receive a physical card in the mail within 7-10 business days.

How much can I spend?

The amount you can spend on the card is as your Payability Available Balance. As soon as you have an Available Balance, you can spend on your card.

How much cash back can I earn?

Earn unlimited up to 2% cash back on all purchases. You’ll also earn additional cash back when you sign up for our partner’s services.

When do I receive my cash back?

As soon as your purchase is cleared, your cash back is added to your balance and available to spend.

How do I manage my card?

You'll manage your Seller Card right within your Payability Dashboard: view all transactions and cash back, pause, freeze or request a new card. Our client services team is available Monday - Friday, 9am - 6pm EST.

Apply now for the Payability Seller Card

Spend your marketplace payout right away and earn up to 2% cash back.


The Payability Visa® Commercial Card is issued by Sutton Bank, Member FDIC, pursuant to a license from Visa U.S.A. Inc. The Payability Card is powered by Marqeta. Seller Card Agreement