Amazon Seller Success Stories

Payability’s customer success stories come from family businesses, solo entrepreneurs, brands, small businesses, and everything in between. Whether building a consumer brand like 5 Strands Affordable Testing or selling refurbished electronics like C7 Device Recycle, Payability’s customers have grown their businesses with the daily cash flow and working capital from Payability.

5 Strands Affordable Testing

5 Strands Affordable Testing are ecommerce entrepreneurs disrupting both the healthcare and pet care markets with their simple and cost-effective at-home allergy tests for people and pets. In order to keep up with demand on Amazon, they signed up for Instant Access to get paid daily for their Amazon sales and reinvest in their business in real time. Using Instant Access, 5 Strands has been able to scale their business their way – free from debt and without any outside investors. Since signing up for Payability, they’ve doubled their space, increased sales and provided the entire team with affordable health insurance.

Wild & Gold Distributors

Gina Goldring wanted to retire from her 9 to 5 job and become her own boss, so she started selling wholesale items on Amazon. As soon as she qualified, she got started with Instant Access to accelerate daily cash flow. She started to grow faster almost immediately. Soon after, she got her first Instant Advance. Then, she increased sales in just one month. She is now on her fifth Instant Advance, just hit her best month in sales, and has more time to spend at home with her family without the 9 to 5 gig.

Gifts Fulfilled

Gifts Fulfilled is an assembly company that sells thoughtful gift baskets on Amazon. Their heartfelt gifts range from college care packages and birthday gifts, to corporate accounts and employee appreciation gifts. Gifts Fulfilled’s care packages don’t just bring joy to people’s lives, they also help provide jobs to adults with disabilities in Maryland. Working with Payability has been a game changer for owner Kim Shanahan. By gaining access to her earnings faster, Kim can seamlessly manage cash flow and keep inventory in stock. With daily payments, Gifts Fulfilled can help more customers share smiles and enable people of varying abilities to find fulfilling work.

Jump City Toys

Shawn and Lisa Hearn have grown their Amazon business, Jump City Toys, tremendously with the help of daily payouts from Payability. As long time customers of Payability, Shawn and Lisa have used daily payouts to buy more and sell faster. Jump City Toys is an inspiration to other entrepreneurs who want to build a business that allows them to spend more time with family.

The product was a success and started selling fast. However, Amazon’s 14-day payment terms made it difficult for Paul and Jillian to keep up with demand. They would sell out of their product and have to wait to get paid by Amazon in order to buy more. Then, they discovered and signed up for Payability. Daily payments gave them the cash flow they needed to stay ahead of the game and scale their business quickly. They’ve since launched a new product line and now have three more products in the pipeline.

The Brittle Box Candy Company was born out of a traditional bakery storefront in Georgia. Then, Robert started selling their baked goods and brittles on their website. Online sales were so successful, Robert decided to expand to sell on marketplaces like Amazon. But the two-week pay out delay was really squeezing Brittle Box’s cash flow, and Robert couldn’t replenish inventory fast enough to keep up with demand. So he turned to Payability. Robert says, “Payability’s 2% fee is worth so much more when you can get your inventory up, fulfill orders sooner and increase your revenue overall. If I was sitting in front of another Amazon seller, I’d tell them to give Payability a shot.“

C7 Device Recycle specializes in reselling pre-owned wireless devices on Amazon. Turning inventory as fast as possible is the key to profit in the device recycle business. C7 Device Recycle can purchase, refurbish, sell and ship all in a 24-hour window. Owner Jon Rush says, “It’s much easier to manage a daily business with daily infusions of cash. C7 is a seven-days-per-week business and syncing up our financing with that cycle has made us smarter and more efficient. Payability keeps money in our bank. I log in to my account each morning to see what’s available. And now I’m buying phones two to three times a week because we don’t have to wait two weeks for our Amazon income.“

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