We help eCommerce sellers grow their businesses

Payability empowers eCommerce sellers with flexible funding and tailored cash flow solutions. Since our founding in 2015, we’ve helped thousands of eCommerce sellers scale their businesses by providing over $4 billion in funding.

Why Payability

Entrepreneurship is changing, especially in eCommerce. Small businesses increasingly rely on marketplaces run by huge companies like Amazon and Walmart.com to sell their products. But getting paid out in full by those companies for sales can take weeks, even months. Receivables are coming in later and later, but payables are due weekly, daily, or even hourly for some sellers. And that’s just to stay afloat.

Marketplace sellers don’t have time to wait if they want to expand quickly. They need cash flow to buy more inventory, launch new products, and get the best possible deals from suppliers. That’s where Payability comes in. We provide capital based on eCommerce sales with our Instant Access and Instant Advance products. Our goal is fast, friction-free funding for every eCommerce entrepreneur, no matter what marketplace they’re selling on.

Who we are

We’re a dynamic, growing team based in New York City focused on supporting eCommerce sellers. Call us at 646-494-8675 (Monday through Friday, 9am to 6pm EST) to talk to one of our awesome team members about Payability. In addition, we’re always looking for talented people to join the team and help us fulfill our mission of bringing friction-free funding to small businesses and entrepreneurs. See our Careers page.

What we believe in

Value our Customer

We know that our product can be the key to our customer’s growth. We prioritize customer satisfaction in everything we do, because their success is our success.


We require each other to take ownership and deliver the best results. We hold each other accountable by always asking why and challenging the status quo, because only an empowered team can be an effective team.


We know that time is money. We take a results-driven approach, rapidly learning and iterating, because as a startup, speed is our primary competitive advantage.


We believe that by making data and information easily accessible, we position our customers and ourselves for success. We practice open and frequent communication and broadcast our mistakes, because learnings are only valuable when they are shared.


We enjoy the journey and bring out the best in each other. We are committed to our team, because this isn’t a sprint or a marathon, it’s a relay.


We believe that great ideas are in all of us, and diverse backgrounds and viewpoints make us all better. We are committed to a work environment where everyone must contribute in order for all of us to succeed.

New York City Office

Keith Smith


Deidre Hudson

VP Growth Marketing

Gregor Siwinski

Chief Technology Officer

Michael Fortugno

VP Finance

Maya Pochiraju

VP of Product

Anthony Mansfield

Head of Sales

Mareike Turner

Head of Operations & CX

Alex Sklar

Head of Business Development

Nick Ruggieri

CPA Assistant Controller

Russ Cloughen

Account Executive

Eric Marschhauser

Account Executive

Jake Mahon

Account Executive

Gina Ciavarelli

People Operations Associate

Rebecca Miller

Product Manager

Alex Moore

Growth Accounts Manager

Megan Nelson

Senior Customer Experience Manager, Finance & Risk

Alison Sperling

Director of Marketing

Alex DiPaola

Risk Manager

Victoria Sullivan

Marketing Manager

Nick Arduino

Portfolio Risk Analyst

Michelle Delgado

Customer Experience Specialist

Alden Bohrmann


Michael Kobajlo

Product Manager

Nayan Gokharu

Senior Financial Analyst

Jacob Schwartz

Partnerships Manager

Kent Li

FinTech Credit Analyst

Gabe Solberg

Paid Media

Tatjana Kastaneer

Customer Experience Specialist

Avinash Sankar

Financial Analyst

Mubin Zahir

Senior Product Manager, Fintech

Brandon Ellison

Account Executive

Kelly Dore

Senior Underwriter

Rianna Winston

CX Solutions Engineer

Richard Bi

Product Manager, Customer Experience

Lindsey Rains

Sales Operations Manager

Jack Howard

Business Development Representative

Jon Jainarine

Business Development Representative

Poland Office

Malgorzata Langolis

HR Manager

Dawid Balut

Director of Engineering (Remote)

Maria Wolszczak

Talent Acquisition

Oleksandr Olyinik

Software Engineer

Klaudia Miś

Office Manager

Paweł Nega

Software Engineer

Daniel Wardęga

Software Engineer

Piotr Kłosowski

Software Engineer

Tymoteusz Sokołowski

Software Engineer

Łukasz Dzwonek

Software Engineer

Rafal Pomocnik

QA Engineer

Jakub Sekowski

Software Engineer

Jarosław Szymla

Software Engineer

Zbigniew Jędraczka

Software Engineer

Marcin Musiak

Software Engineer

Damian Bałut

QA Engineer (Remote)

Michał Gwóźdź

Software Engineer

Jarosław Wojtas

Software Engineer

Jakub Najgebauer

Software Engineer

Maciej Lech

Software Engineer (Remote)

Bartłomiej Krzyś

Software Engineer

Grzegorz Plekaniec

Software Engineer (Remote)

Alex Kostiuk

Business Analyst (Remote)

Jakub Adamiak

Software Developer

Asterios Merkos

Data Scientist

Piotr Cyra

Software Engineer

Mirosław (Mirek) Kowieski

Software Engineer

Paweł Groszewski

Software Engineer

Gevorg Khangeldyan

Senior MLOps Engineer

Piotr Tomaszewski

DevOps Engineer

Agnieszka (Aga) Rochmińska

Project Manager

Maciej Kurek

ML Engineer

Joanna Wierzbowska

Tech Support

Małgorzata (Gosia) Szelągowska

Tech Support

Tomasz Prochenka

Senior Data Scientist

Dawid Kowalczyk

Data Scientist

Michał Wieteska

Project Manager

Tomasz Jasiński

QA Engineer (remote)

Agnieszka Dietrich

Business Analyst (Remote)

Jakub Bondyra

DevOps Engineer (Remote)

Piotr Piotrowski

Project Manager

Ula Rybiańska

QA Engineer

Monika Bąk

QA Engineer

Sabina Bojda

QA Engineer

Vladyslav Merezhko

Software Engineer

Adam Bobowski

Software Engineer

Krzysztof Daroszewski

Business Analyst