The Company

Payability is a growing NYC-based FinTech company that provides flexible funding solutions to online marketplace sellers. Since 2016 we helped thousands of sellers scale their marketplace businesses by providing them with over $1 Billion in financing.

Who We Are

Payability is a finance and technology firm on a mission to provide friction-free financing to suppliers of digital marketplaces.

We believe that small businesses continue to be the engine that drives the economy forward, but that current financial products are not well-suited to the changing nature of the 21st century economy. As businesses increasingly connect to consumers through digital marketplaces, their cash flow needs have changed.

They need fast, simple and practical financial solutions.

We currently provide tens of millions of dollars in capital to thousands of Amazon Sellers, but we are not stopping there. We are relentlessly focused on our mission to provide friction-free financing in more ways, in more marketplaces, to thousands of more businesses in the years to come.

Our founders have a combined 55 years of experience in creating and running adtech marketplaces, so we understand the marketplace/supplier relationship and the challenges each face. We heard concerns regularly from developers and publishers that their payment terms were lengthening. While the receivables were coming in later and later, the payables were due weekly, daily, or even hourly. The result was cash­flow gaps and erratic amounts of working capital for the developers and publishers.

Meet the team

Scott Lynn


Keith Smith

Co-Founder & CEO

Jim Shook

Chief Marketing Officer

Gregor Siwinski

Chief Technology Officer

Michael Fortugno

VP Finance

Anthony Mansfield

Head of Sales

Sneha Raisinghani

Head of Product Management

Mareike Turner

Head of Client Services

Russ Cloughen

Account Executive

Mike Reiney

Growth Accounts Manager

Eric Marschhauser

Account Executive

Alex DiPaola

Risk Director

Shreyas Joshi

Machine Learning

Gina Ciavarelli

People Operations Associate

Michelle Delgado

Client Services Associate

Rebecca Miller

Senior Client Services Associate

Alex Moore

Growth Accounts Manager

Nina Noll

Director of Finance Operations

Megan Nelson

Client Services Associate

Alison Sperling

Director of Marketing

Alden Bohrmann


Zian van Wijk


Victoria Sullivan

Marketing Manager

Stephanie Alvia

Client Services Associate

Jake Mahon

Finance Operations Analyst

Michael Kobajlo

Product Manager

Pooja Patel

Product Manager

Nick Arduino

Client Services Associate

Nick Ruggieri, CPA

Assistant Controller

Nayan Gokharu

Finance Operations Analyst

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