Payability for platforms

Friction-free funding solutions for sellers on your platform

Payability’s solution for platforms enables marketplaces, shopping carts, software companies, fintech companies and more to seamlessly provide world class funding solutions to their sellers. By leveraging our industry leading technology and our knowledgable and experienced team, platforms are able to easily and quickly launch friction-free funding solutions that grow their seller’s businesses.

Newegg Capital Offer

Provide funding offers to your sellers within your user experience

Newegg Capital Screenshot

Let us take care of the complicated parts

Machine learning models

When working directly with platforms, we are able to analyze millions of unique data points in real time to build reliable sales prediction models to inform our decision-making

Underwriting and risk

Let us manage the underwriting process and risk assessment for providing funding to your sellers

A co-branded user experience

By combining the brand equity of your platform with Payability’s onboarding experience, the customer knows they are in the right place

Maintenance and operations - legal, treasury, support, and collections

Deploying capital has many moving parts. With our embedded solution, a platform can rest assured the customer experience is seamless throughout the funding relationship


Utilizing Payability’s debt capital removes the need to raise additional financing to power a financial solution

Revenue share

A financing solution for your platform, powered by Payability, not only improves merchant return and increases GMV, but it also provides a compelling revenue share as we scale together

See why our partners have chosen Payability

“We are thrilled to launch Newegg Capital with Payability. Our seller base needs the resources to expand their businesses and keep up with increased demand. Payability’s seamless platform allows us to quickly and efficiently launch a financial solution for our seller base, and we’re excited to partner with them to bring these tools to market.”


– Robert Chang

CFO of Newegg

Trusted by eCommerce sellers

“This capital supplemented what we needed to get back up and running in full, which we are now. I’ve been impressed with how well it’s worked and how upfront all the information was. I’ve not found any hidden fees or issues so I’ve been very happy.”

Seattle Orchid, LLC

Friction-free funding solutions for sellers on your platform

For eCommerce store platforms

Platforms like Volusion provide SMBs with a variety of tools to grow their business. By adding a capital solution, platforms are able to maintain a crucially important role in the growth and success of their customers’ business.

For marketplaces

The success of a marketplace like Newegg relies on the quality and quantity of suppliers and buyers. Providing much-needed liquidity to the supply side of a marketplace through an embedded financing solution, Payability is able to help scale the goods and services being provided and increase marketplace GMV.

For inventory suppliers

Often the biggest barrier to selling more inventory to your customers is the availability of capital. Merchants need a fast and simple financing solution to make substantial and frequent investments in their inventory. Payability’s embedded financing solution can help provide the liquidity your customers need to make bigger purchases and keep coming back to buy more.

For ISOs, fintechs and payment companies

Providing only the best financial services to your clients is crucially important, and requires a deep understanding of the nuances of various offerings. Let us solve the complexities of providing funding to your eCommerce seller clients with Payability for platforms.

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