5 Tools You Can Use To Analyze The Market On Amazon

Understanding how the market works on Amazon is essential to your success as a seller. You can’t make effective decisions about what to sell, or what price points are best if you don’t know the market well. You’ll need to know how to do everything from how to analyze the best way to go up against competitors to the best way to find products that complement your current line up.

Luckily you aren’t left to fend for yourself in these decisions. There are a ton of resources out there to help you analyze the Amazon market and make effective selling decisions. Depending on how much time you’ve spent looking for resources and tools, you may not have a good list of resources to use yet.

Spend some time going over these five resources and see how you can use them in your Amazon business. You’re likely to find that using these resources often and effectively makes all the difference between reaching your sales goals or having a really frustrating year.

1. FBA Fee Calculators

Using FBA (fulfillment by Amazon) to sell your products can be a great idea. Customers on Amazon have learned to trust their brand. They tend to transfer that trust more easily to products that are marked as being fulfilled by Amazon as well. When someone knows Amazon is the one shipping the product it can make a huge difference.

When it comes to making good decisions about which products to use FBA services for, an FBA fee and profit calculator can be a make it or break it resource. You’ll be able to use the calculator to take every factor of the fee into account. Amazon fees can vary by things as small as how much space your product takes up to how long it’s been stored in their warehouse.

It’s impossible for you to keep all of these factors in mind while figuring out potential profits. Guessing will leave you to potentially come up short on pricing or even cost you money to sell because you weren’t 100% accurate. No one wants either of those things to happen.

There are plenty of FBA fee calculators out there from the highly technical to the most basic user-friendly options possible. Do a little research and find what works best for you. Then make sure you’re using it to make decisions about pricing and selling with FBA every time you update something about your listing or add a new product to your inventory.

2. xSellco

Trusted by 9,000+ eCommerce sellers, xSellco offers a suite of tools to cover all your customer service, feedback and repricing needs.

eDesk provides online retailers with centralized customer support from everywhere they sell, allowing them to save time and money. Feedback (now part of eDesk) enables merchants to automate feedback requests on Amazon, eBay, their online stores and more.

xSellco’s multichannel price management software, Repricer.com, helps sellers save time, increase profits and win more Buy Box. Online retailers can reprice in real-time across all Amazon marketplaces, eBay, Walmart, Google Shopping, Shopify and more. Using the net-margin repricing feature, sellers can ensure they make the right sales at the right margin. 

3. AMZ Tracker

AMZ Tracker is a tool you can use to analyze keywords and make your products more easily found on Amazon. It shouldn’t be mistaken as “just another keyword tool” though for several reasons. The biggest reason AMZ Tracker stands out is because it’s the keyword tool that’s been around the longest.

That means their database of information is more robust than anything else out there. This is highly useful when it comes to knowing the best way to list your products. You definitely will want to use whatever tool has the most comprehensive information available.

AMZ Tracker can also help you analyze where your product is falling in Amazon seller ranks. This is valuable information to keep in mind as you work towards becoming the best seller you can be.

4. Splitly

Sometimes it can be hard to know which part of your listing needs to be fixed. It’s easy to be unsure if the price is wrong, or the product listing needs to be optimized. With Splitly you can stop using trial and error to see what will make a difference. Splitly lets you separate out parts of your listing and change them in a mock environment.

Then it analyzes and predicts how those changes will affect your live Amazon listing. It’s basically a test environment for checking out everything possible before you change anything on your own. Once you find the sweet spot for your product you can watch it rise in popularity right along with your profits.

5. AMZFinder

Not to be confused with AMZ Tracker, this is a resource that’s a little bit different. AMZFinder helps you analyze reviews left on your current listings. No matter how hard you work there will come a time when you have to deal with a negative review or two. Sometimes it’s harder to help the customer because the review is left under a different name than who you shipped the item to.

AMZFinder helps you pair up negative reviews with their corresponding order number so you can reach out and offer to help the customer resolve their problem. It’s definitely something you could do on your own, but AMZFinder takes all the frustration and guesswork involved out of the equation. It’s definitely a great resource to keep in your back pocket.


Knowing what resources to use and how to use them will really help you up your game on Amazon. It’s a huge marketplace with a lot of competition. So Use anything that’s going to help you get ahead. You don’t want to be the one that gets left behind on sales trends or updated pricing models.

Keep these resources in mind and try them out. See what works best for you and use those tools to your advantage. You’ll see a big change in your listing’s popularity, which means you’ll see a big change in your profits too. It will definitely be worth the research and effort you’ve put in.

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