5 Tips On Writing Awesome Amazon Product Descriptions

There is a lot of struggle in getting customers to find you in the sea of competitors. It’s just as much of a struggle to get them to buy right away before they wander off to another seller. Especially on Amazon. There are no fancy options you can include and you have to rely on the bare bones of promotion and the true quality of your product. However, there are some things that can be done in order to make your product seem more appealing – without breaking Amazon’s rules. Here they are:

Understand your audience
This is the first step that you need to take. Research your audience thoroughly before you even upload to understand who your customer is and why would he want your product. You will base everything else upon that starting from the title. To truly understand your audience, you have to begin with the only thing you have – your product. Is it a blow dryer for extremely curly hair? Then your customer is likely a woman with curly hair, annoyed that she can’t dry her hair so easily and she is looking for a good tool. Sell it to her.

Is it a wooden, educational toy? Then your audience is likely a health concerned parent who wants their children to play with quality toys and learn while playing.

Write good titles
Next thing you need to do is write a good title. We all know how important titles are – in everything, really. It’s the first thing that your customer sees and it can set you apart from the rest, similar products. Make it relevant to the product but also to your customer’s needs. Remember that curly-haired girl? Make her want to click on your product page by including a benefit that will speak to her and adhere to her needs.

However, make sure that you stay within Amazon’s guidelines on titles which are given for each area specifically.

Tools that can help
Amazon doesn’t give you much room to be flashy. Because of this, it’s much easier to notice mistakes in grammar, spelling and sentence structure. The overall style can be noticeable too – if done badly.

Luckily, there are no guidelines against using these tools as an assistance:

  • StateOfWriting and WritingPopulist: Bad grammar can make your reader go away sooner than he landed on your page. These mistakes signal to them that you could be a scam. Avoid it by using these grammar mistakes.
  • Boomessays and Ukwritings: Amazon also doesn’t give you much space and repetition and redundant words don’t work well with that. Use these tools, recommended by UKWritings review.
  • ViaWriting and Studydemic: If you are in need of some writing tips, you can always visit these writing blogs which can help you write great Amazon descriptions
  • EliteAssignmentHelp and Essayroo: Spelling mistakes are another thing you hold Avoid in order to keep customers and these tools are some of the best assistance you can get for that. They were even recommended by Assignment Writing Service.
  • MyWritingWay and Let’sGoAndLearn: Writing good and concise descriptions is difficult but we’ll worth it. Use these blogs as guides to the perfect descriptions.

Use bullet point list wisely
Amazon doesn’t give you many chances to shine, but this is one of them. These bullet points are your opportunity to show how good your product is, eliminate their doubts and answer their questions. Make them provide strong features and benefits. Focus on authentic and unique advantages. They need to be specific and list the features as well as the benefits without being too sales-y or promotional.

“Make it appeal to your customers. Craft it in a way so it quickly responds to all of their questions, eliminate their doubts and show that your product offers genuine quality. Get personal and use their language. Avoid jargon and technical terms and stick to something that your audience will be able to relate to,” says Jordan Tenson, a content writer from Academized.

Talk about benefits
Even though specifications are important, your users aren’t interested in that. What they do want to know about are the benefits that those specific features provide for them. So, the curly haired girl doesn’t want to know what the cooler in the blow drier is like, she wants to know that it will make it last much longer to support her thick hair.

Writing descriptions isn’t an easy job. It takes a lot of imagination and creativity to write them. But, if you build a good foundation by understanding your audience and learn some basics about copywriting, you will be able to attract great customers who will love you and your products.


Grace Carter
Grace Carter is a content writer at OXEssays and Paper Fellows services. She learns the latest writing trends, communicates with the editors, curates reviews and creates a content marketing strategy. Also, Grace is a teacher at BigAssignments academic service.

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