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Sellers, Learn to Optimize your Product Listings: Amazon SEO
Amazon is comparable to Google as it’s not a search engine where you search on any keywords relating to restaurants, how to, names, news, travel, things to do and much more. If you’re shopping online, Amazon is the top search engine on all product related queries. However, it’s important to be able to differentiate between Google and […] Read More >
Q&A: Selling on Amazon, Product Searchability, Improving Sales and More with Velocity Sellers
We recently spoke with a one stop shop Amazon Seller Marketing Services provider, Velocity Sellers. They help online sellers build their online Amazon business through providing a range of services from; search engine optimization (SEO), account management, inventory management, Amazon consulting for listings through Buy Box, product pricing strategies, sourcing, branding, pay per click advertising […] Read More >
Quick Guide to Forming an LLC for Your Amazon Seller Business
Selling on Amazon has big benefits — the SEO is done for you thanks to Amazon’s site authority, you don’t have to build your own website, and customers already trust Amazon as a brand. This means a lot of the upfront work that a number of small eCommerce businesses struggle with is already done for […] Read More >
5 Ways You’re Unintentionally Hurting Your Business Credit
Building business credit is a critical step in managing your business and its growth. Why? As a business owner, you may need financing from time to time, either to buy more inventory, bridge receivables gaps or hire new employees, for example. Your business credit profile will determine how much debt your company can handle and […] Read More >
Price Matching for Amazon Sellers — Winning the Buy Box
Every experienced Amazon Seller knows that price matching with the current king of the “Buy Box” hill is essential to actually competing with that Seller. For most product categories (outside of used goods such as books), the percentage of people who choose to purchase from Sellers without Buy Box status is so tiny that it’s […] Read More >
Tax Tips for Amazon Sellers
It’s hard to believe we’re already thinking about tax season. And even though the deadline is still a couple months away, we understand that Amazon sellers that have been selling on Seller Central have a lot to consider and do to get their taxes finished on time. To make an easy tax process for Amazon […] Read More >
Business Advice from Expert Amazon Seller, Manny Coats from AM/PM Podcast
Imagine reaching $1,000,000 in sales within one year of launching your private-label product on Amazon. Seems impossible right? Entrepreneur and Amazon Seller Manny Coats did just that, in nine short months. Manny shares his inside tips to other Amazon Sellers in his weekly AM/PM Podcast, which he started just a month after launching his Amazon […] Read More >
Using Amazon Launchpad for Innovative Startups
When planning a product launch, most startups and companies introducing new products plan to make a big splash with a launch marketing campaign. Reaching customers who are already bombarded with lots of marketing messages and advertising can be either expensive or risky. Startups don’t have the financial resources that established companies do to fund major […] Read More >
Tips for Amazon Inventory Management Before Chinese New Year
If you’re a seller on Amazon, you know the importance of maintaining a good inventory. It’s vital to meeting customer demand, staying ahead of your competitors, and maximizing your revenue and profits. A strong relationship with your suppliers is essential — you rely on them to provide the right products at the right time, so […] Read More >
Get Your Amazon Payments Faster: Invoice Financing Options for Sellers
As a small business owner or Amazon Seller, there’s one thing you’re always having to juggle — your cash flow. The health of your business depends on carefully managing your invoicing and financing to get the most out of Amazon, your customers, and your suppliers. It’s a tricky balancing act, you need to: Create a […] Read More >
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