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If your business generates revenue from digital marketplaces, Payability is the fastest, easiest way to finance your growth. E-commerce, mobile app stores, and most ad networks take months to pay. We unlock that capital by paying you today for the revenue you generated last week.


Payability is integrated with the top digital marketplaces


App Stores


The simplest form of financing for Amazon Vendors

Petnet created the world’s first SmartFeeder for your pet. Sales through Amazon began skyrocketing, but waiting 60 days after the end of the month for payment meant that Petnet didn't have enough cash to keep up with their increasing sales. Petnet turned to Payability to finance that growth. They now receive payment for Purchase Orders immediately, and well before customers even purchase on Amazon. Now both Petnet and your pet can rest easy knowing they will be fed in a timely manner.

Financing for Amazon Vendors

We fund Elin's growing mobile game studio

Meet Elin Jonsson, an award winning designer, illustrator and game developer. Elin co-founded the game studio Imaginary Games in 2012. The business grew quickly, but waiting 30 days after the end of the month for the app stores to pay out her earnings created a cash flow challenge and forced the team to slow their growth. Payability now accelerates cash to Imaginary Games four times per month, based on the revenue they generated from the app stores in the prior week. Elin has stopped worrying about cash flow and is once again focused on building great games.

Financing for App Developers

Flexible financing for publishers, ad networks and media partners

Magmic needed a financing partner that understood their mobile game business. Even though Magmic had developed and published more than 200 games, significant growth was hard to come by due to slow payments from ad networks. Magmic turned to Payability for help. They now receive steady cash flow from Payability, that grows every week as their revenue grows.

Financing for Media Companies

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