Seller Spotlight: Q&A with Amazon Seller April Bishop

Five years ago, April came across a pallet of Ninja blenders. She’d been familiar with Ebay, but wasn’t sure if it was for her. Amazon had listings already created so it was easy for her to add items to the platform. Once her items were added, April started selling like crazy and she was hooked!

After selling for five years, she saw a pattern emerge. she was always waiting on Amazon’s pay day to come so she could reinvest in inventory. This wait period limited what April could buy. “At first when I saw ads for Payability, I thought it would be dangerous to trust my account with an unknown company. But, what I found was that the service has helped me in so many ways. I am eternally grateful for this opportunity, which will soon help me buy my way out of my full time job!!” said April.

What do you like most about being an Amazon seller?
I like finding deals and then making a good profit on them and of course having Amazon ship them for me!

What’s the biggest challenge you face or have faced when selling on Amazon?
Cash flow. Waiting on that direct deposit every two weeks slowed me down before I got Payability.

How do you plan to grow even more in the next year?
I plan to continue to turn money faster and faster by buying low ranking items and getting the profit from those sales within days instead of weeks.

Do you sell on other marketplaces?

What advice do you have for sellers looking to grow their Amazon businesses?
Buy a lot of SKUs not just a few and use Payability to turn your dollars faster. There are deals EVERYWHERE. Don’t be afraid to ask a manager for a discount, ALWAYS ASK!!!

How do you put your Payability money to work?
I’m able to get more inventory turning faster and faster so I flat out make more money. I think I have DOUBLED my sales since last month.

What other Amazon seller tools or apps do you use?
I use the Amazon Seller App and Jungle Scout.

Do you have any other tricks to maximize your money?
I use Honey when shopping online as well as cash back sites.

What’s your biggest achievement so far as a seller?
I helped a friend (a stay at home mom of 4) start her own Amazon business so she didn’t have to go back to traditional work. Now she can stay home with her kids.

How has becoming an Amazon seller changed your life?
I got my time back!

We have a blog post dedicated to the Seller Lifestyle. What’s a fun fact about your #SellerLifestyle?
Sometimes I make more in an hour than I did in a week at my old job. #FBA-ATM

Victoria Sullivan
Victoria Sullivan is a Marketing Manager at Payability. She has over eight years of social media, copywriting and marketing experience. Prior to joining the Payability team, Victoria developed social media content and strategies for top technology brands such as Skype and Samsung. She holds a degree in Advertising from Syracuse University’s S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications. She can often be found in a yoga class or working on her fashion blog.

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