Scaling Your Amazon Business – Webinar Roundup with Payability and Fetcher


Starting an Amazon business is easy, but scaling your business as it grows can be a challenge when your biggest hurdle is cash flow. Payability’s CEO Keith Smith provided expert guest insights on Fetcher’s webinar “Scaling Your Amazon Business with Cash Flow” to give Amazon Sellers tips on how to scale their business with cash flow. You can check out the replay on YouTube or download the presentation here.

Key Takeaways:

  1. To truly scale, the incremental activities that spur business growth must be able to be replicated
  2. Focus on gross profit instead of margin – pricing too high might get in the way of sales and total profit
  3. Pay attention to storage fees – holding inventory could negate savings from buying in bulk
  4. Pay per click advertising with Amazon Sponsored Products is a scalable strategy to buy sales rank and sales
  5. Cash flow is crucial to any business, but especially critical to fast-moving Amazon businesses
  6. Financing options to get cash flow to support your scalable growth strategies

Don’t forget, it’s all about total profit!

To take your Amazon business to the next level, you need to have a growth strategy that scales and the cash flow to reinvest regularly.

Thanks to our friends at Fetcher for having Keith.

Watch the recap of the webinar here or check out the slides below.


Alison Sperling
Alison is the Director of Marketing at Payability. She has 10+ years of experience in marketing helping small businesses and startups find new tools to grow their business. Prior to Payability, Alison started the marketing team at Stack Overflow. Alison completed an MBA with a concentration in Finance from Syracuse University in 2011. She volunteers with several cat rescue organizations.

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