Introducing the New Payability Seller Card

Since 2016, we have advanced over $1 billion in marketplace payments to over 2,500 e-commerce sellers. Instant Access daily payments gives sellers the consistent cash flow they need to invest in their business and keep up with consumer demand. And Instant Advance provides sellers with a lump sum of growth capital to help them buy more inventory, launch new products and take their business to the next level.

And today, we’re launching the new Payability Seller Card!

Here are some of the awesome features of the new Payability Seller Card:

  • Up to 2% cash back on all spend
  • 24/7/365 access to your marketplace sales
  • Physical card you can use anywhere Visa is accepted
  • No credit checks and fast approval process
  • Earn cash back immediately as you spend – no waiting months for cash back and no cash back minimums

With Payability, you can either spend all of your marketplace payout on the Payability Seller Card or transfer a percentage of your daily payouts to your bank account.

No matter if you’re a relatively new seller or a multichannel seller doing millions a month, the Payability Seller Card can give you the fast, flexible access to the funding you need to buy more inventory, expand your catalogue of products and grow your business. Plus you’ll receive cash back along the way. As a Payability Instant Access customer you can choose to spend 100% of your daily payout on the Payability Seller Card, or transfer a portion or all of it same day to your bank account. It’s totally up to you. If you get an Instant Advance you can also have it made available on the card and receive up to 2% cash back or get your lump sum of growth capital transferred to your bank account at no additional fee. Ready to experience total cash flow freedom? Sign up for a Payability Seller Card today!

Keith Smith
Keith Smith is the Co-founder and CEO of Payability, a FinTech company that provides financing and payment solutions to eCommerce sellers. Its patented technology utilizes machine learning algorithms to underwrite customers based on sales quality and historical eCommerce performance - rather than simply looking at personal credit scores. Previously, Keith founded and ran multiple startups, including; CyberMortgage, Zango, and BigDoor. Keith lends his time to early-stage startups via Techstars and serves as an adviser, investor, and board member for multiple tech startups.

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