5 Things You Can Do Right Now to Keep Buyers Happy This Holiday

Shoppers are a rare breed during the holiday season. It’s a season about giving and being thankful, yet shoppers expect so much more. Businesses who are able to set themselves apart from the rest through amazing customer service, high quality products, and proactive honesty will win the 2018 holiday rush. Are you one of those businesses? Start implementing these five things, and you will be.

1. Optimize your listing honestly

Strong brands need to be on top of keeping their listing optimized. This means relevant keywords and high-quality images. If you have access to Enhanced Brand Content through Brand Registry, take advantage of it. High-quality listings attract more shoppers. More details on a product will attract more buyers. More buyers means more traffic, which helps organic rankings as well as Sponsored Products placements.

Beyond that, be sure that your listing is updated honestly. Don’t add keywords or search phrases if they’re not relevant to your product. Provide ample details in your description and bullet points as well. The more descriptive a listing is, the less likely you are to run into customer service issues.

2. Build your brand

Many businesses we talk to find it difficult to build a strong brand online. You’d be surprised how many opportunities there are to solidify the brand. Beyond Amazon, social media has granted businesses the ability to reach consumers all over the world. Whether you have a Facebook Group or Instagram following, building a community is a great way to solidify your brand.

When it comes to Amazon buyers, start with the packaging! If you have the ability to add your brand name to the box, I highly recommend it. You can utilize inserts as well! A simple thank you card included with your product goes a long way. Don’t use this insert to encourage any kind of behavior (website visits, product reviews, seller feedback, etc.), simply thank them for supporting your business.

Be sure to check your category guidelines to be sure packaging is within Amazon’s standards.

3. Be available for your customers

This seems like a simple ask on the road to positive customer service, but it can feel daunting—especially around the holidays. Implementing a service like Feedback Genius can show your buyers that you are available for order support should they need it. You’re proactively initiating a positive experience beyond them purchasing the product. You’d be surprised how much of an impact one valuable message can have on your buyers.

Beyond customer communication and Amazon’s messaging system, don’t be afraid to answer questions or respond to product reviews (both positive and negative) on your listing! This shows your involvement and dedication to your product and brand. Plus, you may learn how to improve your product or provide additional value to your future buyers.

4. Encourage customer loyalty

If a customer purchases from you more than once on Amazon, it’s likely you have a customer for life. Feedback Genius lets you send messages to repeat buyers. This filter is integral for encouraging customer loyalty. How?

Start by acknowledging that the customer has purchased from you before! This isn’t simply a matter of thanking them for their purchase, but thanking the buyer for supporting your business again. It’s recognition of their loyalty to your brand. This likely means that you have provided them a high-quality product, great customer service, and an overall positive experience. The greatest brand advocate is a loyal customer.

Don’t get caught breaching Amazon’s Terms of Service. Click here to learn all the Dos and Don’ts of communicating with your buyers.

5. Remember, customer service does not end with fulfillment and delivery  

Congratulations! Your buyer has received their product! Your job is done, right? Wrong! It’s a delicate balance in communicating with your buyers. When considering when and how to follow up with a buyer, there are a few important questions to ask:

  1. Does this product have the opportunity for instant gratification (Ex. Toys, office products, etc.) or will it take time to use and appreciate (Ex. supplements, makeup, topical items)?
  2. Are additional instructions necessary to enhance the buyer’s experience?
  3. What is the target audience of the product?

For products that involve time to try, delay your message delivery a bit. If you’ve noticed customers get confused with assembly (from your actions in #3 listed above), provide a step-by-step guide either in your packaging or as an attachment to your Feedback Genius message.

Tailor your messaging to the audience you’re hoping to reach. Someone purchasing a toy or game is probably more receptive to joking language than someone purchasing a weight loss supplement. Tying the messaging and your “voice” together also helps in building your brand.

The key to success this holiday is in keeping customers happy. By providing detail, gratitude, and proactive customer service, you can win Q4 on Amazon. 

Alleviate some of the customer stress this holiday season and get started with Feedback Genius today. Begin your risk-free, 30-day trial and start saving valuable time today!

Caroline Powell
Caroline Powell is the Marketing & Events Coordinator for Seller Labs. Having joined the company in its infancy, Caroline has assisted thousands of Amazon sellers. Events are her passion and she organizes Seller Labs' annual Resonate conference and the Seller Labs Cares Toys for Tots drive. In her down time, Caroline loves to read and to hike with her dog.

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