Doing business internationally shouldn’t slow you down.
Global cash flow at the speed you sell.

Scale your cross-border business with daily marketplace payments from Payability
and global money transfer solutions from OFX.


Payability and OFX have teamed up to offer a faster, smarter solution to manage global cashflow. Streamline how you collect revenue, manage cashflow, and pay your suppliers when operating a global business. Take advantage of preferential rates on currency conversion costs and daily marketplace payments.

Why Payability + OFX

Payability Instant Access

✓ Instead of waiting weeks to get paid by an online marketplace, receive your sales earnings daily.

✓ No credit checks, no bank statements. Eligibility based on your performance metrics and sales history. Minimum requirements: 90 days of sales history and about $10,000 per month in sales.

OFX Global Currency Account

✓ Get local currency accounts in USD, CAD, EUR, GBP, AUD & HKD.

✓ Hold global balances to pay suppliers, fees, or taxes in local currency.

✓ Save on currency conversion costs.

How it Works

Getting started is simple

Sign up for Payability Instant Access

Receive your marketplace payments daily instead of waiting the normal two week payment period.

Register for a Global Currency Account from OFX

Your Global Currency Account will be the bridge between your U.S. marketplace business and your local bank account.


Frequently Asked Questions

What if I already use OFX and would like to start receiving payments daily?

That’s great! Because you are already a customer of OFX, you will be eligible for preferential rates from Payability. Please start an application with us and our sales team will reach out regarding next steps. We should be able to activate your account within 24 hours.

What if I’m already a Payability customer but using a different company for currency conversion?

Thanks for being a Payability customer! At Payability we’re always working to provide your business with access to more services from companies that we trust. Switching to OFX is easy; simply register for a Global Currency Account and the team at OFX will work with you to get set up. You’ll get preferential rates on currency conversion costs and have access to additional OFX services.

What is the benefit to using a Global Currency Account through OFX?

With a Global Currency Account, you can hold local currency accounts in multiple global markets to streamline how you receive marketplace revenue and pay global suppliers. Save on currency conversion costs along the way.

Why should I use Instant Access?

With Instant Access, you will have the capital on hand to buy more inventory, manage daily expenses, and reinvest in your business.

Is there a discount if I have OFX and Payability?

Yes! Receive preferential rates from Payability and OFX.

*Eligibility requirements and conditions may apply

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OFX and Payability are separate, unaffiliated entities and are not responsible for one another’s policies or services. OFX and Payability have entered into a limited marketing relationship whereby each company may independently make special offers to its customers. Instant Access is offered and provided solely by Payability. OFX is not engaged in the business of factoring receivables. Please refer to the terms of service for Instant Access and Global Currency Accounts for more information.