Additional capital to grow
your eCommerce business

For new and existing Instant Access customers only: Get an Instant Advance of up to $250k to take your business to the next level.


Available only to those participating in daily payouts. Must have at least $50,000 per month in sales and 9 months selling history. Need more information? Contact us

Capital advance for inventory and marketing

Payability’s Instant Advance is meant to be used to grow your business and spent on marketing and inventory. The faster you grow your store, the lower the cost of your Instant Advance.

No credit checks

Qualify based on your marketplace sales and account health.*

Fast and easy approvals

No complicated paperwork or wait times. Apply online with your marketplace accounts and get funds in as fast as one business day.

Get up to $250,000 today

Once approved, you can Instant Transfer, ACH, or wire the money directly to your bank from your Payability balance. You can send payments globally to 180 countries in 38 currencies.

Get up to 2% cash back

Get cash back on every purchase when you spend with the Payability Seller Card.


A different way to fund your business

At Payability, we approach funding eCommerce businesses a little differently. Our funding programs are uniquely built for sellers like you. There are no credit checks*. Instead, sellers are eligible with sales history and performance. Funding is revenue-based, so sellers like you don’t have to take on debt. Costs are transparent: there are no fixed costs, no origination fees, and no prepayment fees. Plus our rebate program helps fast-growing businesses lower their overall funding costs. Simply stated, with Payability’s program, the faster you grow, the less you pay for funding.

Rates & qualifications


Instant Advance fees are typically between 0.5% and 1% per week. No origination fees. Pay your advance back sooner and lower your cost.


To qualify, you must be an Instant Access customer and have at least 9 months of selling history and average monthly sales of $50,000. You may qualify for a larger advance based on your eCommerce sales success.


A typical Instant Advance amount is 75% to 150% of one month in marketplace sales revenue.

Receivables Collected

Instant Advance is a purchase of your future receivables. As you sell, you’ll remit a fixed percentage (typically between 12% and 25%) of your sales until Payability receives the total amount of receivables purchased.

For example, an Amazon seller with 12 months of sales history and excellent performance metrics, selling $100,000/month qualifies for a 0.75% weekly fee. Payability purchases $100,000 of future receivables and advances $85,000 today. The fee is $750 each week. Repayment of the Instant Advance with future receivables is expected over 20 weeks.If Payability collects the total future receivables sooner than expected, the Amazon seller receives a $750 rebate for each week. In this example, Payability receives $100,000 in receivables in 16 weeks – 4 weeks earlier than expected. So, the Amazon seller receives a rebate of $750 for each of the 4 weeks, or $3,000.Are you selling over $100,000 per month? Contact to see if you qualify for special rates.

Applying for funding is easy

Submit an application

We'll evaluate your business and create the best possible offer for you based on your marketplace sales history and account health. No credit checks.*

Get approved

We'll work to match your growth strategy and plans with appropriate funding.

Access your funds

Once approved, you’ll have access to your Instant Advance the same day. Transfer funds to your bank account with Same Day ACH or Instant Transfer, or spend on the Payability Seller Card.


Why banks just don’t understand eCommerce Sellers

Payability provides Amazon and eCommerce sellers with fast, friction-free access to capital. See what happened when Bob went to the bank to try to get funding for his Amazon inventory and how Payability came through with an Instant Advance.

Spend your Instant Advance on the Payability Seller Card

The first card made exclusively for eCommerce sellers lets you spend your Instant Advance and earn up to 2% cash back on every transaction.


Frequently Asked Questions

What does Payability Instant Advance cost to use?

Unlike a loan, Payability does not charge interest. Instead, we charge a simple weekly flat fee based on the purchased receivables. If you remit payment early, you'll receive a rebate on fees. So you're only paying a fee while the Advance is being paid back. Selling over $100k/month? Contact our New York-based sales team at 646-494-8675 to see if you’re eligible for reduced rates.

What information do I need to give Payability to get an Instant Advance?

We do not do credit checks*. Eligibility is determined by your marketplace sales history. Simply connect your accounts to see if you're eligible. From there, we will determine whether you are approved and come up with the best possible offer.

Can I use Instant Advance if I already have other funding?

Payability Instant Advance works alongside most other funding. Funding your marketplace business growth is not a one size fits all solution.

How do I qualify for Payability Instant Advance?

The minimum qualifications for Payability Instant Advance are 9 or more months of consistent sales history and average monthly sales of $50,000.

Can I send money outside the United States?

Yes! We offer global payments to 180 countries in 38 currencies.


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