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TikTok Advertising

TikTok stands out as one of the most authentic social networks available. With 1.1 billion monthly active users, it caught up with leading social media platforms. TikTok has the most extensive daily average time spent on the app, 1.4 hours a day, as the most popular platform. The number of its users allows everyone to boost their brand overnight through TikTok advertising.   

Due to its diversity and creativity, TikTok stands out from other social networks, allowing users to express their uniqueness through various creative videos. TikTok is still growing globally, and it is expected to have even more users in the future. 

The fundamental goal of TikTok is to provide an opportunity for everyone to create their video and express their creativity and authenticity.  

Users can achieve this with various tools that TikTok Ads Manager offers. TikTok ad is a full-screen and sound-on experience that is presented to the audience through a short video created by the measurements of each user. 

Why Choose TikTok Advertising? 

Advertising on TikTok is a unique opportunity to connect with your potential customers, sharing common interests and making them fall in love with your brand through your creatives. 

– According to recent statistics, 76.3% of TikTok users visit shopping sites, which gives an excellent opportunity for brands to reach many users and boost their sales

– TikTok users like to give feedback, actively participate, comment, and rate your brand without hesitation. This way, you will have a realistic insight into what the audience is looking for and what they think about your brand, which can further help you improve your product and see results from TikTok advertising. 

TikTok users do not see your ad as an advertisement but as organic content presented through an exciting and interactive video. 

How to Target Your TikTok Advertising

TikTok Ads manager offers many targeting options. When you start creating your first campaigns, there are various targeting options. However, our advice is not to define a detailed audience initially, which leaves room for the algorithm to compile the data. After a while, you will have an insight into which audience was interested in your product, and you will be able to target customers further.

Like other digital advertising platforms, TikTok Advertising offers opportunities for testing. It would be desirable to make as many campaigns as possible with different targeting. This way, you will find out exactly what works for your product and get impressive data that the algorithm will collect for you. Test as many as you can! You can use primary data at the beginning: age, gender, and location. 

Later on, after the algorithm collects specific data, you can define your campaigns, such as user interests and behavior. In time, the algorithm will collect more data. Then you will be able to create the audience using minor characteristics, such as mobile type, operating system, etc. 

TikTok advertising demographic targeting options

TikTok gives you various creative ways to boost your sales. Some methods are In-feed Ads, Hashtag Challenge, Branded Effect, and Top View. With this, you can better connect with customers through interactive challenges and trends. The most common ad type is In-feed, and it is on the “For You Page.”  

For You Page 

For You Page is a feed specially designed for each user, and it offers content based on the user’s interests. Your ad will be shown to a defined audience, and your potential buyer can be easily found. 

Image of TikTok For You Page

Spark Ads 

Another TikTok advertising format option is Spark Ads. These can help you boost organic and Creator TikToks, which is one of the great advertising options. It is a full-screen video, sound on, up to 60 seconds, and served in the For You Feed. This way, you can get even closer to a specific audience and increase the possibility of achieving your goal. 

Something New in 2022 – Collection Ads 

A new option that awaits us at TikTok at the beginning of next year is Collection Ads. Namely, you can make a creative video with your key products at the bottom of the screen. By clicking on this video, users see a quick-load storefront for engaging browsing and shopping experience. It’s a great way to give customers a quick overview of your best products, which results in easier shopping! Collection Ads are great for optimizing user behavior.  

To Conclude 

TikTok is an ultimate entertainment platform that inspires creativity and joy. Your TikTok advertising will be fun and interesting to the audience through this platform. Also, it is designed to explore what can contribute to the awareness of your brand. 

About 46% of app users say they come to TikTok to discover new things. Following the advertising via short-form videos, which the audience currently likes the most, you can celebrate your brand and win their trust. 

The most important thing is to be creative and share your inspiration so others can explore and understand your brand. It’s a simple way to connect with your potential buyers and encourage them to become your loyal customers. 

If you have any doubts about increasing your sales with TikTok Ads, feel free to contact us at Sellers Alley, and we will gladly help you take your brand to the next levelAND DON’T FORGET, DON’T MAKE ADS, MAKE TIKTOKS! 

About the authors

Marko Dabovic and Isidora Stankic are Junior PPC Specialists at Sellers Alley. Since joining the team, they’ve shown great interest in Amazon PPC and TikTok Ads. Marko is fully dedicated and focused on reaching clients’ goals and business growth. Isidora is always learning new things and expanding her knowledge.

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