Request a Review Button: How to Use It (& Why)

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Amazon introduced the Request a Review button in November 2019. Since then, sellers have had many questions about how it works, especially in comparison with Amazon Buyer-Seller Messaging.

In this article, we’ll share what you need to know about requesting reviews on Amazon and explain why the Request a Review message is guaranteed to always be compliant with Amazon’s Terms of Service (TOS).

A New Way to Request Reviews

Amazon sellers are very familiar with Buyer-Seller Messaging, which offers a way to communicate with buyers about orders, returns, and other matters via encrypted email addresses in Seller Central. The Request a Review messaging system is completely different. For example, requests sent with the Request a Review button cannot be altered in any way by the seller, and buyers cannot respond to these messages. The request is sent by Amazon to the buyer on behalf of the seller.

The message sent to the buyer is automatically translated into the buyer’s chosen language. It contains a prominent review request with a product image and empty stars for the buyer to click in order to leave a review. Underneath the review request, there is an option for the buyer to leave seller feedback.

Requesting reviews in this manner is a smart way to get reviews while staying compliant with TOS. After all, this message was created by Amazon and it is designed to help you get results. Because you cannot change the message, there is no opportunity to inadvertently violate Amazon’s policies for communicating with buyers. Best of all, even sellers who are currently experiencing a temporary restriction from sending Buyer-Seller Messages can use the Request a Review button.

How to Request a Review on Amazon

There are two easy ways to request reviews with this feature: in Seller Central or by automating with FeedbackFive.

To use the button in Seller Central, go to the Manage Orders page in your account. Click on the order you’d like to request a review for and then go to the Order Details page. You’ll see the Request a Review button on the top of the right side of the page. Click the button to trigger a review request.

If you need a more scalable solution, FeedbackFive makes it simple to automate these review requests. Simply use the Amazon Feedback and Review Request Template with any campaign in FeedbackFive. Set your timing and email segmentation rules once and then focus on other tasks as the software continuously submits requests to trigger the system behind the Request a Review button over a secure connection as your orders become eligible.

No matter which method you use, it’s important to note that these requests can only be sent within 4-30 days of the order’s delivery date. Amazon does not send the request to buyers who have already left you a rating or opted out of this type of communication. If the buyer has not received the order yet, Amazon will not send the request.

Why Use the Request a Review Button?

There are two great reasons to use this new method for requesting reviews: TOS compliance and ease of use. Last year, Amazon began restricting sellers from Buyer-Seller Messaging due to policy violations. Sometimes the violations were obvious to anyone reading Amazon’s guidelines, but others were not so simple. Sellers are busy and interpreting TOS can feel like a full-time job. Requesting reviews with this system allows you to quickly ask for reviews in a manner that is always TOS compliant, no guesswork needed.

As FeedbackFive Product Manager Louis Mizzell said, “I can confidently tell you that this is absolutely the safest way that you can request reviews and feedbacks from your buyers. This message is coming from Amazon.” He added, “If you’ve gotten temporary messaging restrictions or if you’re just concerned about temporary messaging restrictions, then this feature solves all of those problems for you. And not only is the message compliant, but the actual method in which FeedbackFive is sending these messages is 100% compliant. FeedbackFive has authorized access to this new messaging system.”

While requesting reviews with Buyer-Seller Messaging is still allowed, the Request a Review button offers a surefire way to get reviews without accidentally violating TOS. If you are sending a seller branded message, be sure to follow all of Amazon’s policies.

Reviews Make an Impact

Reviews are essential for Amazon sellers as well as shoppers. Sellers rely on reviews for important insight into how a product is received by customers. Reviews also help products rank in search and help sellers refine current products and innovate based on consumer requests. For the consumer, they impact customer trust and inform purchase decisions. If you need any advice for building or refining your product review strategy, we are here to help.

The Request a Review system offers another great way to ask for reviews, especially when powered with the automation technology of FeedbackFive. Try it out today!

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