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Does your business use FedEx or UPS? If so, any domestic or express package (even ground) delivered even 60 seconds late entitles you to a full refund! No joke, when your package is delivered late, FedEx and UPS will give you the shipping charges back. But what is the catch? The catch is you have to find these late deliveries, request the refund and make sure the carrier actually refunds the proper amount.

Lucky for you, Refund Retriever is here to help find late deliveries and have the carrier issue these refunds. The best part, Refund Retriever is strictly 100% performance based. That means you don’t get charged for anything unless we confirm that you have credits on your carrier accounts. Our only fee is a percentage of those confirmed refunds.

What Services Does Refund Retriever Provide?

Refund Retriever provides businesses with complete logistics visibility and savings through FedEx and UPS invoice auditing, reports, analytics, and contract negotiations. Through Refund Retriever’s technology, shippers gain real-time insight on when money is owed to their accounts – as well as clarity to their entire shipping spend. All programming and processing through Refund Retriever are done internally, allowing clients to trust that no external parties will ever have access to their confidential information.


Why Online Merchants Need A Parcel Audit Partner

Quite simply, shipping is expensive and there is no help in sight. With the rising shipping costs, monitoring your shipping spend and reviewing and reacting to shipping data has never been more important. You must ask yourself, is my current shipping strategy still working?

Having a strong understanding of your strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities is the best way to enhance e-commerce businesses. When it comes to saving time, increasing efficiency and reducing shipping spend, the human touch alone falls short. Among the most beneficial ways to reduce shipping costs is by incorporating a parcel auditing strategy into your shipping efforts. By auditing your carrier invoices, Refund Retriever “sniffs out” shipping issues, applies for refunds, and then confirms those refund credits appear in your account.


Introducing shipping data and analytics into your shipping strategy is another necessity in today’s logistics-driven world. Shipping data improves the visibility that helps you make more informed decisions to reduce your shipping spend. Refund Retriever provides businesses with the shipping data you need to identify inefficiencies in your supply chain. To introduce this type of analysis of your shipping history, click here.

Origin of Refund Retriever

In 2006, Refund Retriever was born out of necessity. Brian Gibbs, President of Refund Retriever, saw the need when his first business began seeing large FedEx and UPS invoices. Brian saw the need to reduce costs and improve the overall visibility of his shipping spend. Refund Retriever’s primary focus is helping online merchants reduce FedEx and UPS shipping costs.

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