Announcing Lower Fees for Existing Customers with Access+

At Payability, we are always coming up with new ways to help our customers—and Amazon sellers overall—access funding and grow their businesses faster. Today, we’re announcing a new program for existing customers that lowers fees and gives sellers the ability to get paid out multiple times per day when they sign up for the year.

It’s called Access+, and it’s available now for active Payability Instant Access customers who sell on Amazon!

Watch The Video Announcement:

Video announcement of Payability Access+.

What Is Access+?

Access+ gives sellers an average discount of 5% on their Instant Access fees when they sign up for the year. It also gives them the option to get paid out multiple times per day so you always have cash-on-hand for time-sensitive opportunities.

In sum, when you sign up for the year, you’ll be able to take advantage of multiple payouts per day and lower fees on each payout. The end result? You’ll be able to increase your cash flow and take advantage of opportunities that come up unexpectedly.

How Do I Sign Up for Access+?

Signing up is easy. (Reminder: Access+ is available only to existing Payability customers who sell on Amazon). Simply visit your Payability dashboard and navigate to your Product Offerings page to get started!

We know that sometimes things don’t go as planned which is why this program is risk-free. Despite the commitment, you will have the option to cancel anytime as long as you pay back the fee discount we’ve given you for signing up for the year.

A view of what your dashboard might look like when you use Access+.

Why You Should Get Started with Access+

Payability’s new program Access+ is here – and it’s ready to help Amazon sellers unlock cash faster with lower fees on each payout. Sign up today and pay less to have cash ready for sudden opportunities.

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