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Influence Mobile Reaches 60%+ Monthly Growth Rate by Reinvesting Earnings Received Weekly from Payability


Influence Mobile is a three year-old company that develops custom rewards programs for sports fans.

The Challenge

They had good margins, but their growth was being hindered by lack of cash flow. Like many publishers and app developers, they had to prepay for most of their advertising, but received payment from their ad network partner 30 days after the end of the month. This meant that as they grew, their cash flow was becoming even more constrained.

Growth was limited due to constrained cash flow

“Using Payability has fundamentally changed our business. We used to wait 30 days after the end of the month for our ad network to pay us for our earnings, but it took five minutes to enroll with Payability and we got paid that week. These weekly payments massively improved our cash position and allowed us to reinvest that cash into user acquisition, which is our key driver of growth. The best part is that their accelerated weekly payments grow with us each week as our revenue skyrockets.”
— Dan Todd, CEO of Influence Mobile

The Result

In March of 2015 Influence Mobile enrolled with Payability to begin receiving accelerated weekly payments for their ad network earnings.

Weekly payments allowed Influence Mobile reinvest in user acquisition, which is a key growth driver for their business

As a result of weekly payments, Influence Mobile’s cash position improved dramatically, allowing them to reinvest that cash back into their business, creating immediate and dramatic revenue growth for them and for their ad network partner.

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