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Imaginary Games Attributes Afterland’s Mobile Growth to Accelerated Earnings


Imaginary Games is a game studio co-founded by Chris Powell and Elin Jonsson (Casual Connect’s “2014 Female Developer of the Year”), which produces the critically-acclaimed game Afterland. Afterland has won numerous awards and continues to be featured in the Apple and Google Play App Stores.

Imaginary Games set out to create Afterland to become a collectible card game for mobile Android and iOS. Smaller studios are often unable to build collectible cards games because of the high production costs. Determined to overcome this challenge, Imaginary Games ran a successful Kickstarter campaign and received multiple grants and angel investments.

The Challenge

Although these investments were enough to bring Afterland to release, Imaginary Games had little working capital to run the game’s live operations. Like many small companies, maintaining sustainable cashflow became Imaginary Games biggest challenge.

Sustainable cashflow became Imaginary Games biggest challenge

“Payability gives us the capital we need to grow our business by simplifying and accelerating the incoming revenue from the App stores. We’re excited to continue Afterland’s live operations and we know Payability will be with us every step of the way.”
—Elin Jonsson, co-Founder of Imaginary Games

The Result

Thanks to Payability, Imaginary Games was able to accelerate incoming revenue from the Apple and Google Play App stores. The Payability service gave them the working capital required to advertise the game, bring in more players and increase sales.

Imaginary Games was able to grow their revenue and active players from the Apple and Google Play App stores

Imaginary Games continues to work with Payability as they continue to add new content and features to the Afterland mobile card game – now available in more than 10 languages!

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