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Blender Networks is Seeing a Growth Surge Thanks to Payability’s Headache-free Solution

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The Challenge

Blender was initially a client of a factoring company, but as their business grew, the headaches from the factoring company grew along with it. Their line of credit shrunk, they had to manually create and send an invoice to receive payment. The additional hoops to jump through and decreasing line of credit meant that Jodi and her team couldn’t meet their growth plans.

A decreasing line of credit and other finance headaches were stunting Blender Networks potential growth

“Payability’s easy-to-use financing and amazing customer service gave us the ability to meet our growth targets. We’re looking forward to the limitless possibilities of growing our business in 2016.”
— Jodi Manning, CEO of Blender Networks

The Result

Blender initially signed up with Payability to accelerate earnings from one network. After a month of receiving their earnings automatically, weekly, without an invoice or paperwork, Blender moved all revenue streams over to Payability.

Payability gave Blender Networks the ability to meet their growth targets.

Blender is benefitting from the working capital they need to grow their business and less administrative work – no more creating invoices and waiting to get paid!

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