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How One Payability Customer Rarely Goes “Out of Stock” on Amazon


Jeff Kaplan, a sales leader with over a decade of experience in the medical device industry, launched his e-commerce business Athlete Packs after seeing a void in the healthcare marketplace — specifically between physical therapists and their patients.

In his previous role as Sales Consultant for Patterson Medical, Jeff led sales of occupational therapy products and sports medicine supplies. But in 2014, he noticed his physical therapy clients buying fewer products each month. Due to cost-cutting measures and changes in insurance coverage, physical therapists could no longer provide their patients with products that ease recovery from knee or hip surgery — things like a reaching stick, shoe horn or sock aid.

So Jeff opened his online store with Kinsman hip and knee replacement kits and a variety of other devices that patients needed for recovery but weren’t available from doctors and local pharmacies. Business has since taken off and now the kits are among Athlete Pack’s top-selling items.

The Challenge

But “top-selling” has its drawbacks. Specifically when it comes to maintaining inventory levels.

When Amazon doesn’t pay you for two weeks after a sale, re-stocking can be a challenge and you could wind up with an “Out of Stock” product and even lose the Buy Box: neither of these is good for business.

The 2-week delay in payment started to stunt Athlete Pack’s inventory and growth. When their products went out of stock and they lost the Buy Box, they started partnering with manufacturers that had their own inventory to sell but needed someone like Jeff with Amazon expertise to get their products online. Then they serendipitously saw an ad on Amazon Seller Central for Payability and decided to apply.

Restocking can be a challenge if you don’t get paid for two weeks

“It’s been really exciting working and being on the road to success with Payability. We feel that daily payments are a no-brainer!”
— Jeff Kaplan, CEO, Athlete Packs

The Result

The process, according to Jeff, was seamless. “On a scale of 1 to 10, 1 being the hardest and 10 being the easiest, I would say it was about a 12,” he says.

Since partnering with Payability — and separately launching an inventory management system — Jeff has seen his “Out of Stock” status reach nearly zero. But that isn’t the only benefit he’s reaped from working with Payability.

In addition to consistently stocked inventory, he’s built better relationships with his vendors and seen his business grow. He’s able to pay vendors daily, which makes Athlete Packs an even more reliable customer and leads to better pricing and service. Athlete Packs has also hired a new employee and has seen FBA orders increase nearly 20%. Not only that, his total revenues so far this year have grown 6-8% and are on track to continue increasing.

A true Amazon seller success story, thanks in small part to working with Payability.

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