Free Financing for Amazon Sellers

Qualify with minimum 3 months sales history of $2,000 revenue or more.

– See your options in minutes
– No credit checks
– Get $2,000 to $250,000

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Skip the waitlist and get cash flow to grow your business

Amazon sellers shouldn’t have to wait weeks for payouts. Take control of your cash flow by getting paid out the very next day.

Fast and easy approval process

No credit checks*. Apply online with your seller account and get funded same day.

Amazon payments every day

Get your payouts advanced every day, even on weekends and holidays. Stop waiting around to get paid.

Only pay a fee when you cash out

Pay a small fee on the amount you cash out to your bank account via Same Day ACH or wire, or Instant Transfer.

Zero-cost funding

No fees on the payouts you spend on the Payability Seller Card.

A Different Way to Fund Your Business

Payability’s funding programs are uniquely built for sellers like you. Qualify with your Amazon sales history and performance, it’s that simple. No credit checks. Instant Access – our accelerated daily payout program gives you access to your money from earnings the very next day, everyday. Why should that money sit in Amazon’s bank account for two weeks when you need cash flow now to fund your growing business?

Instant Access Free Details


There is no cost at all when you spend your funds on the Payability Seller Card. If you decide to transfer your funds to your bank account, the standard fee is 2.9% of the transfer amount. Sellers over $100,000/month may qualify for a discounted rate.


Instant Access Free is in limited release, and there is a waitlist. If you have a code to skip the waitlist from a partner or from another advertisement, please enter via the form above. The minimum Amazon sales requirements are 3 months of selling history and $2,000 in sales per month.

How it works

Each day we advance you up to 80% of your previous day’s Amazon payouts into your Payability account. When you spend your funds on the card, there is no fee! When you send funds to your bank account, you’ll only be charged a small fee on the transfer amount.

Applying for Instant Access Free is fast and easy

Submit an application

Connect your Amazon API and complete the application in less than 10 minutes. No credit checks*.

Get approved fast

Get approved and funded in as fast as 1 business day.

Access your money

Once approved, you’ll be able to get funded that same day. From there, you can spend your payout on the Payability Seller Card at zero-cost, or transfer funds to your bank account for a standard fee of 2.9% on the amount transferred.

Payability’s Financing Options for Amazon Sellers

Accelerated Daily Payouts

As an Amazon seller, you shouldn’t have to wait weeks to receive your hard-earned sales revenue. Why should your money sit in Amazon’s bank account when you need cash flow to fund your business now? Take control by getting paid out next day.

Capital Advances for Inventory and Marketing

Get up to $250k in funding to put your growth plans in motion. Spend your capital advance to restock inventory, launch new products or invest in marketing to grow your Amazon business. No complicated paperwork required.

Payability Customer Dashboard Tour

Payability is the leading platform for funding eCommerce sellers. In this video, we take a tour inside Bob’s Payability dashboard as he receives his Amazon earnings 14 days in advance, makes a free same-day transfer to his bank account, and reviews his Payability reports.

Free funding when you use the Payability Seller Card

Your advanced payout is free when you spend it on the Payability Seller Card. Stop waiting for your cash today and start growing your business faster with Instant Access Free. 

Skip the waitlist and get access to your marketplace payouts today!

Stop waiting around to get paid out. Sign up for Instant Access and take control of your cash flow.