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Growth Capital if you Generate Revenue from Amazon

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You need inventory to keep up with demand

As an Amazon Vendor, the average wait time to receive payment for Purchase Orders is 60 days – if your product is selling through this means you could be fulfilling your 4th or 5th PO by the time you receive payment for the first. This delay in payment can leave you scrambling to keep up with demand.

For Amazon Sellers, waiting 2-3 weeks for payout from Amazon can cause you to miss out on opportunities because of cashflow. Introducing Payability Instant Access. Next day access to your sales revenue.

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A unique financing solution

There are many financing solutions out there, here are a few key ways Payability is different:

  • Fast. Payability pays weeks or months before you would normally receive payment from Amazon.
  • Automated. Set up Payability and start receiving your earnings on the cadence you choose (daily or weekly).

  • No Repayment. We advance funds to you based on your filled purchase orders or Amazon Sales, Amazon then pays us directly on their standard payment terms.

  • Scalable. Our funding scales as your sales grow. You no longer have to slow your growth due to financing constraints.

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Fourever Funky Success Story

” Payability has helped me get faster daily payments so I can focus more on increasing sales. It’s a great resource for entrepreneurs! “

Darol Garrett
CEO, Fourever Funky

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