The Complete Guide to Getting More High Quality Reviews on Amazon

Reviews always play a very significant role in the health and scalability of your Amazon business. Whether you’re just starting out or you’re an experienced seller, the more reviews you get, the better the competitive edge you will have in the vast Amazon market.

Amateur or veteran, this guide will give you all the information you need to organically increase your product ranking and reviews by targeting your review count.

The Importance of Amazon Reviews

Reviews can be a bit tricky for newbies. It’s not always that Quality or Quantity top the other. Consider two products, the products have nearly the same price, but a customer is more likely to buy the product with the higher review count. That’s how human psychology works. Most people are doing it, so why not me?

That’s how reviews can influence human behavior. They feel safe and secure and they know they’re making the right choice. Thus you, as a seller will get a higher click-through rate and thereby a substantial increase in the percentage of reviews you can get.

On average, it is accepted that you can acquire 2 reviews for every 100 customers. Following the below strategies can lift your acquired reviews by quite a bit.

As a seller, you need to make sure your products are highly ranked and have a high visibility rate on Amazon. Without a solid review base, you’ll never be on the first page. Therefore, your product might not be visible to your customers and the conversion might never happen. Not to mention having Amazon tags like “Amazon Choice” or “Best Seller” with a proper registered Brand on Amazon has its own added perks.

Here’s a List of White Hat Techniques:

Technique 1: Amazon’s Early Reviewer Program

For the newbies, let me quickly explain this in a nutshell. Amazon encourages verified customers (actual customers who purchased from the seller) to share their legitimate reviews in exchange for a small token reward of $1-3 from Amazon.

This is the perfect way to get your very first reviews just for a fee of $60 to participate in the program. Do note that your product should have a registered brand, should be over $15 and your current reviews should not be greater than five. This is a fast way to get a quick heads up on your new products and be a solid competitor to the rest.



Technique 2: Product Inserts

Product inserts are a simple, yet efficient way for sellers to get reviews from Amazon customers. An insert that is well made contains all the relevant information like brand name, logo, thank you message, and also a request for a review. The more effort you put into this, the better the conversion will be.


Pro Tip: You could collect customers’ email addresses by asking them to register for say: An extended warranty and use this information by linking it to your Autoresponders and collecting a review later on.

Always make sure that you provide details to your customer review page and extend your complete support. This will minimize the probability that your customers leave a negative review behind.

On a very serious note, please stay Amazon compliant no matter what. Here is a link to prohibited seller activities and actions.

Technique 3: Email Review Follow-up

Amazon exclusive sales funnels like Discount Coupon Sender will substantially increase your sales by organically boosting your product rankings and reviews. By using a sales funnel, you can create a landing page that acts as an intermediate page between you and Amazon and acts as a platform for you to gather customer emails before they’re redirected to Amazon.

Two big reasons why landing pages work:


  1. You get to legally collect customers’ emails prior to your customers making a purchase from you on Amazon. Doing so is not legal after they become Amazon customers.
  2. It’s statistically proven that the chances of conversion are higher than those customers who directly visit your product page.


Once you capture and send your coupon via your landing page using Discount Coupon Sender’s URL Builder, chances are you’ll see maximum conversion and a significant increase in product rankings and reviews by using two-step URLs and an email follow up.

With the Email Review Follow-up feature, you can follow up and send emails to your customer’s real email – thereby reminding them to leave a review. These emails are completely customizable which gives your end customer a feeling of importance.


Email marketing Follow-up is cost-efficient, but the open rates can be quite low (10-30%) in comparison to the (70-90%) open rates on Facebook Messenger. This brings us to the next technique.

Technique 4: Use Facebook Messenger 

The high open rates on Facebook Messenger lead to higher engagement rates (44%) which significantly increases your chances of obtaining more reviews.

In compliance with Amazon’s terms and conditions, you will not be able to collect a customer’s email address after they convert on Amazon. So, the best method of collecting emails from customers is by using a landing page that delivers coupons via Facebook Chatbot.

Note that Facebook Messenger has removed the extra follow-up, so we need to find ways that are completely compliant to collect our reviews.

Luckily, there’s a solid sequence of messages which are totally customizable.




These emails are in turn used to trigger the email follow sequence to collect reviews via an email which is compliant.

Technique 5: Retarget Customers via Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads are more expensive, but they give you even more visibility than Facebook Messenger. A landing page tool will help you capture a customer’s email in the collected leads option as displayed below.


Once you obtain your leads, you can upload them on Facebook. The leads are obtained by using your landing page and are captured in the “Collected Leads” specific to your campaigns so you can personalize your target customers. When you integrate your Facebook pixel to your landing page, you will be able to track a list of people who claimed your coupon and those who are redirected to Amazon.

Technique 6: Amazon Giveaways

Amazon Giveaways is another efficient way to increase your revenue significantly. Giveaways are an Amazon sanctioned program, with a number of winners receiving your product free of charge and non-winners getting an offer to either buy at full price or at a discount.


Technique 7: Convert Seller Feedback to Product Reviews 

Amazon allows customers to leave a review for both products and sellers. But, what if they get confused and leave your product reviews in the wrong place?

It’s your responsibility to keep track of your customers and make sure they’re well-guided. However, should you face this issue, reach out to your customers thanking them for their review and gently request them to add a product review on the respective product listing.


The Black Hats – Stay Away From These Review Strategies!

Loophole 1: Friends and Family

Amazon closely monitors the IP and shipping addresses of customers. Why? To make sure your reviews aren’t accumulated from your loved ones. Amazon’s terms and conditions are strictly against getting reviewed this way.

Loophole 2: Finding out who the Customer is via Amazon Shipment Reports

By collecting a customer’s address and looking them up in big data databases, chances are you can track their email and market to your customers via social media. This is totally against Amazon’s rules.

Loophole 3: Review Trading Websites, Facebook Groups, and Forums

One of the other ways to stack up reviews is by using websites that offer Amazon deals. However, this is quite risky. While it’s an effective way of acquiring reviews fast, it will totally backfire if the products aren’t appealing to the customer.

While it’s perfectly fine to advertise a product in large forums, DO NOT incentivize for reviews.

Loophole 4: Fake Accounts, Fake Reviews

Fake accounts (zombie accounts that are not used by real customers) are used by Amazon sellers to purchase cheap products. If you do this, chances are you will be framed by Amazon’s constant ever-changing algorithms which are being significantly improved over time.

Loophole 5: Negative Review Deletion with Overseas Employees

Amazon employees from countries like China and India are bribed for the deletion of negative reviews. This predominantly occurs on a large scale and could result in a total account suspension. It’s really expensive as well and it is not something you should ever attempt.


The Do’s – This is What you Should be Doing!

Tip 1: Understand all of Amazon’s Guidelines

As a seller, you must completely be aware of Amazon’s terms of service in order to always remain compliant.

Tip 2: Spread the word

Don’t spam your posts everywhere in the name of marketing. Target the right relevant crowd for your products. Once you’ve targeted the right people in an interesting way, the traffic will automatically follow.

Running more promotions and discounts will also significantly increase your sales, thereby increasing the chance of you getting reviews from verified purchasers

Tip 3: Be the Seller of a Top-Notch Product

You can’t hide behind a bad product. Good reviews start with sourcing great products. Consumers today are too smart and can see through fake reviews. They’re also fast to leave bad reviews if the product is genuinely bad or not as expected. Offering a product that is high quality will increase the customer satisfaction rate. Selling a low quality product will work against you as the customer might be more likely to leave a negative review.

Speaking about reviews, it’s a good idea to keep your eyes peeled on competitors who sell similar products to always check for their customer’s feedback to stay on top of your game and figure out room for improvements.

Tip 4: Have Open Communication Channels, but Don’t Pester Your Customers

As an Amazon seller, you need to provide maximum support to your customers. But, also remember not to go overboard by annoying them. If things go bad, you’ll never be cross-selling to them in the future, chances are, they might even leave a negative review which totally works against you.

Tip 5: Make Customers Feel Special with Premium Product Packaging

Make your customers feel special by giving them top-notch packaging. This will give them a feeling of bliss even if the product they’ve bought from you is not so high end.

It’s only human to have an adrenaline rush to open a product especially when it’s a product they’re using for the first time or a niche product, so we have one chance, one opportunity to seize everything we ever wanted.

Once your customer is happy, all you need to do is plan wisely and that positive review is definitely yours. It goes without saying, a high-quality product should tag along with the perfect packaging.

Tip 6: Enroll in the Amazon Vine program

Amazon’s Vine Program is an invite-only group of reviewers that receive products for free in exchange for impartial reviews. They will often receive products before they are released. Anyone who is a member of the Vine Program will have a badge on all the reviews they leave as Amazon distinguishes them as Vine Voices.

You can check out more details about the program here.

A quick wake up call to everyone: Amazon banned incentivized reviews over lack of impartiality.

This was mainly due to the fact that sellers started giving products to customers for free in exchange for a positive review but Amazon is tracking down and taking action against these parties as product reviews play a major role in the revenue of the seller. Amazon’s policies have changed since then, check it out here.

The only legit way of doing this is through the Amazon Vine program.

Pro Tip: Don’t promote the helpfulness of reviews or degrade reviews on a competitor’s product.

Amazon considers seller votes biased, it’s probably not a good idea to promote the helpfulness of reviews. It’s not a very good idea to comment on negative reviews on competitor’s products either.

We hope this guide was helpful in your pursuit of high quality reviews. Amazon’s terms of service are always changing so be sure to stay up-to-date on the latest updates and reshape your review strategy accordingly. To start creating landing pages that convert more customers, check out Discount Coupon Sender.

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