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Don't let cashflow limit your growth.

Amazon Sellers wait up to 14 days to get paid for sales. With Payability Instant Access, you can access your sales next day, giving you the cashflow for sourcing, advertising and growing your business faster.

Specifically designed for Amazon Sellers, Payability instant access is the faster payments solution that allows you to access the cash you need to grow your business faster.

Avoid lost sales by replenishing inventory faster with access to your sales next day.

Current minimum requirements: 90 days sales history on, located in the US, UK or Canada.

For Amazon Sellers doing less than $12,500, a minimum monthly fee applies. Read more about our Growth program.

Payability gives you cash for your Amazon sales next day

  • Access yesterday’s sales today
  • No personal credit check
  • Get the cash you need to grow your business
  • Automated and seamless
  • Transfer to your bank account for free

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