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"Payability allows Amazon sellers to gain immediate access to the cash they need to replenish inventory and make investments in their business, which is a truly powerful thing". -- Kevin Rizer Host, Private Label Podcast


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Payability gives you cash for your Amazon sales next day

-Access your sales everyday
-Get the cash you need to restock inventory
-Automated and seamless
-Transfer to your bank account for free or transfer to a Payability MasterCard and receive cashback!

Current minimum requirements: Professional Amazon Seller account, 90 days sales history on, located in the US, UK or Canada.


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5 Star Reviews

5 Stars on Google
“We have been working with Payability since September of 2016. Chris has been a real asset for our team and we could not be more pleased in the ease of communication between our office and theirs. Kudos to Payability!”
– Doug Tharp, American Leather Belt

5 Stars on Trustpilot
“In just 2 months with Payability, I’ve been able to grow my monthly sales from $1,500 to $6,800! Payability has helped me to greatly accelerate my sales!”
– Samantha Cross, Cross Enterprises

5 Stars on WebRetailer
“I used to have poor inventory due to waiting for 2 weeks to get paid by Amazon. Thanks to Payability I constantly have funds so I can buy more and more products, thus sell more and more and today I’ve set a new record in sales!”
– Sergiu Brinza, Once Upon A Tome