Growth capital if you generate revenue from App Stores

You need cash to reinvest in user acquisition

Payability can pay out your app or game sales weekly, so you’re able to reinvest in user acquisition sooner – taking advantage of lower CPUs and growing your business 4x faster.

Benefit from Accelerating App Store Revenue

Grow Faster. With the working capital you need to readily reinvest in user acquisition, you’re able to grow your user base nearly 4x faster than waiting for normal payment terms.

No Headaches. Receive your earnings automatically to your bank account so you can focus on your business – not chasing payments.

Increase Working Capital. We advance funds to you weekly or monthly so you have the working capital you need today – not in 30 days.

No Limits. Unlike traditional financing, our funding scales as your sales grow. You no longer have to slow your growth due to financing constraints.



“Payability gives us the capital we need to grow our business by simplifying and accelerating the incoming revenue from the App Stores.”

Elin Jonsson, co-founder of Imaginary Games

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