Growth capital if you generate revenue from Ad Networks

Faster Payment Terms

Why should it take 60 days to receive payment for an ad served in 60 milliseconds? 

Payability accelerates your earnings from Ad Networks and Advertisers, either daily, weekly or monthly. You no longer have to wait 30+ days to receive the capital you need to reinvest in your business.

Seamless and Simple

When you enroll with Payability we integrate directly with the marketplaces you already work with. They report your earnings to us and we pay you based on those earnings. The marketplaces will then pay us directly. The entire process is transparent, seamless, and automated. After you’ve set your payment cadence—daily, weekly, or monthly—we take care of the rest. 


“Payability accelerates all of our ad network earnings giving us the working capital to grow our business faster.”

Jonathan Simon

Director of Marketing at Magmic

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